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ATA Refrigerant Handler
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ATA Refrigerant Handler Reaccreditation

ATA stands for Automotive Technician Accreditation. This voluntary scheme tests both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge of individuals working across the motor industry in a number of disciplines. ATA is a means of identifying people with proven current technical skills who have also signed a code of conduct. The Institute of the Motor Industry is the governing body for ATA and is responsible for the register of individuals and issuing of photo ID cards.

Accreditation is time bound for a period.  At present this is set at 5 years. The time period is being constantly reviewed and could be reduced to reflect the rapidly advancing technology in vehicles.

Successful individuals receive an ATA certificate and ID card which includes their photo (taken on the day of their assessment) together with the accreditation route and level, date issued and expiry date.

There is a one off accreditation registration, certification and ID Card payment of £80.00 which is valid for the period of accreditation (5 years). The assessment centre (Martec Training) are responsible for collecting the £80.00.

Before achievement

  • Registration for the online test.

After achievement

  • Issue of ATA ID card
  • ATA Certificate

ATA assessment centres( Martec Training ) set the cost for the ATA assessments and this will vary, depending on factors such as consumable costs, type of ATA assessment required, number of candidates on the day and agreements between ATA centre and employer or individual.


  • Refrigerant Handling Course, duration 1/2 day, cost £173.00 plus vat plus £22 registration fee. Total £229.60
  • Reaccreditation of Refrigerant Handling, duration max 3 hours, cost £113.00 plus vat plus £22 registration fee. Total £157.60

NB) if you let your current ATA accreditation lapse you will have to complete the full 1/2 day course at the higher cost, therefore it is essential that you get reaccredited before your ATA licence expires.