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Case Studies
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The case studies below are from some of Martec Training's learners. See what they think about their courses, their placements and their time with Martec Training. If you contact Martec Training on 01782 717272 you too could soon be in their shoes and on your way to a successful future and with a nationally recognised qualification.

Level 2: Light Vehicle Apprenticeship

Harry Lovatt

Working at Madely Heath Motors, Harry is currently working with the team there to complete his Level 2 Light Vehicle apprenticeship. A valued member of the team, Kevin Beech, Service Manager, has nothing but praise for Harry who joined the firm in August 2016.

“We have a long history of working with apprentices at Madely Heath Motors. A fantastic way to develop the workforce, many of our apprentices join us as youngers and work their way up through the organisation to achieve senior team member status. Harry is a credit to the team; his enthusiasm for the job and his commitment to learning the skills of the trade were apparent from the interview stage. Keen, hard-working and reliable, Harry’s huge interest in cars is fuelling his learning both here at the garage and at his weekly sessions at Martec Training and Education. Teaching Harry the skills required for a career as a mechanic, whilst developing him in-line with the processes and the culture here at Madely Motors, we hope that that Harry’s apprenticeship is just the start of our working relationship with him.”

Business Administration Apprenticeship

Gemma Rush

Aged 31, Gemma Rush was struggling to gain employment due to her lack of professional experience. Numerous job applications and interviews were leading to nothing, so Gemma turned to Martec Training for help.

“I had heard of Martec Training and the various route to employment that they offered, so I was keen to see how they could help me. I was getting nowhere in finding a job with the skills and work experience that I had and was close to the point of giving up, as I didn’t know what else to try. As soon as I had my initial meeting with the team at Martec, I knew that I was onto a winner! From that point on, I never looked back.”

A mature student and with additional challenges due to a genetic condition that made mobility quite difficult, Gemma was initially nervous about embarking on an apprenticeship programme that would have a lot of younger students enrolled on it. However, she admits that she need not have worried:

“As part of my apprenticeship, I was required to attend college one day a week. The thought of being the oldest in the class was something that I was quite nervous about, as was the potential issues about me getting to the college. The students on my course were lovely…I should have not wasted any time worrying! Supporting each other, we really gelled as a team and with the added encouragement from our employers and Martec tutors, every base was covered. My mobility worries were also sorted via Martec, who helped me to apply and take advantage of the ‘Access to work’ scheme. I met so many great people and made lots of new friends – it was great and I’m so glad I did it.”

Undertaking a Business Administration apprenticeship with ShawTrust Job Centre, Gemma was taught the practical skills necessary for the job, whilst learning the theoretical knowledge during her weekly college course. Supported by her employer and the team at Martec throughout the course, Gemma thrived in the position, gaining more and more responsibility as she went on.

“On the apprenticeship programme, I was given a good taste of everything and by the time I left to enter full-time employment I was responsible for a lot of tasks within the organisation. Fully trainied to manage the in-house technology and trusted to handle confidential information, it got to the stage where I was showing others what to do! I loved my time there, when I look back now, I really miss it.”

Further to successfully achieving her qualifications and completing her apprenticeship, Gemma moved into full-time employment with the Citizens Advice Beuru. Looking after project administration, Gemma credits her new skills and confidence to her time with Martec:

“The apprenticeship programme really made me feel good about myself. Not only did I get the experience that I was lacking but I also gained so much confidence that making the move from the apprentice placement and into proper employment was very easy and the natural next step. For the first time, I was working in a role that I enjoyed and wanted to commit to – I had never had that before I started working with Martec. Enrolling on Martec’s apprenticeship scheme was the best decision I have ever made for me, my career and my future.”

Training to be a MET Technician


“Martec has given me the skills and the confidence to fulfil my ambitions of becoming a car mechanic. Leaving school early, I was keen enter the world of work but I didn’t want to settle for second best, so I approached Martec. Supporting me from day one, Martec worked with me to enable me to gain the qualifications I needed to enter an Apprenticeship programme that pays a salary whilst I learnt on the job. That was two years ago – I have never looked back.”

Joining the team at a Staffordshire garage this year culminated two years of hard work at Martec’s training centre for Michael. Studying for and passing his GCSE maths qualification, Michael also achieved his English, Maths and ICT functional skills entry qualifications. A refreshing change from the school environment, Michael speaks very highly about the structure and focused support that he continues to receive from Martec:
“The Martec training Centre is very different from school and I found it suited me a lot better. Treated like an adult, the learning is flexible and geared towards what you personally want to achieve. The support that I have received throughout my time studying for my qualifications, and now as part of my Apprenticeship programme, has been great. I now attend the training centre once a week to fulfil the academic side of my M.E.T qualification, with the rest of the week spent working in the garage, learning on the job. I’m loving it!”

Mentored by a member of the Martec team, whilst trained and supported by colleagues at work, Michael is experiencing the best of both worlds. Working together to ensure that Michael achieves the training and academic achievement that he needs to succeed as an MET technician, Martec and the management team at the garage regularly liaise to keep up to date on Michael’s milestones and achievements. On the practical side of his learning Michael concludes:

“Assisting in the repair work, shadowing qualified technicians and learning first-hand how to perform the role of a Vehicle Body Technician is all part of my Apprenticeship. I am very happy and relieved to have found such perfect way into doing something that I want to do. I would recommend Martec 100%.”
The Mechanical, Electrical, Trim (MET) route is for technicians whose job role involves the repair of vehicles typically involved in accidents or similar incident circumstances.
Giving Michael the qualifications and practical skills he needs to pursue a career as a Vehicle Body Technician, Martec’s Apprenticeship scheme is additionally designed to enable young people to learn a whole host of additional skills that can be transferred into other careers.

Transferable skills learnt on a MET Apprenticeship:
• Strong communications skills
• The ability to work alone or as part of a team
• The ability to maintain quality under pressure
• Awareness of safety procedures

Light Vehicle Technician

Anthony Finney

"The support I have received from Martec training in finding me the job and also from my assessor has been excellent. I would recommend this route to anyone wanting a job as a mechanic as it allows you to really get stuck in, gain hands on experience and earn a wage at the same time!"

Anthony Finney is employed at AC Autos in Maybank, Newcastle-under-Lyme and is working towards his Light Vehicle Technician Intermediate Level Apprenticeship through Martec Training.

Having grown up with cars, observing and helping family members to fix theirs, Anthony knew from a young age that his dream for the future is to someday own his own garage. With this in mind, in Year 11, Anthony spoke to his school Connexion's PA who sign posted him to Martec Training.

Anthony came into Martec Training having found his own garage placement, unfortunately this fell through but within a few weeks Martec Training found another garage that was keen to interview Anthony for a possible vacancy. The interview was a success, as was his trial period and he was offered the job as an Apprentice Technician.

Anthony's duties involve MOT testing, servicing, helping other staff on jobs and doing his own jobs under supervision, but is becoming more independent every day.

Anthony aims to move onto his Advanced Level Apprenticeship in the near future so he can then become a qualified technician and MOT tester.

Managing Director of AC Autos, Chris:

"Anthony is a very keen and hard working young man who has come on in leaps and bounds since we set him on over 12 months ago. He has the right attitude to succeed as a Technician and is becoming a valuable team member. My company has always been a big believer that an Apprenticeship is, without a doubt, the best route to gain the right skills to become a qualified technician. Two of AC Auto's current employees started off as Martec Apprentices and have now been with us for over 15 years, so we are confident that on the job training alongside day release for the underpinning knowledge at Martec Training really does work!"

Business Administration

Tamara D'Angelo

"I'm so glad I chose to do an Apprenticeship, it enables me to carry on learning while in a real working environment. It's helped me to decide which career I want to pursue and made me more confident. The staff at Martec Training have supported me in my work from the start and I have just started my Advanced Apprenticeship."

Tamara D'Angelo came into Martec Training in November 2008 looking for a job in Business Administration. Her timing couldn't have been better as we were looking to set on an Apprentice ourselves! Tamara started with us as an Admin Assistant and has recently completed her Business Administration Advanced Level Apprenticeship.

Tamara's role involves maintaining Martec Training's learner's details on a database, monitoring their progression, registration of certification of qualifications, covering reception and general office duties like answering the phone, filing and typing letters.

Tamara says "I'm so glad that I heard about Martec Training's Apprenticeships via Connexions, I really didn't want to go back into a classroom environment after I left school so this has been ideal for me. It has enabled me to learn new skills and get a wage at the same time. I think that to work in Business Administration you should be polite, have a good telephone manner and be able to multi task. These are things that I have been able to develop during my time working at Martec Training and the friendly staff are always able to offer me help or support if I need it."

Centre Manager - Judith Dodd says "Tamara has shown promise from the moment she set foot in the door at Martec Training, she is a good team player yet can use her initiative when appropriate. Her enthusiasm to learn has enabled her to progress quickly and take on new responsibilities. She has responded well to this style of learning and it's allowed her to gain valuable experience and permanent employment here at Martec Training. Tamara has now completed her Advanced Level Apprenticeship."

Customer Service

Dan Wilde

"I really enjoy dealing with customers and helping them with any queries they may have. You have to be pleasant and mild tempered at all times and also very organised to make sure all of the work gets done correctly and on time."

Dan Wilde works on the service reception at Madeley Heath Motors, a family run Renault Dealership and repair centre. Dan is currently working towards his Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Customer Service through Martec Training.

Dan's role is varied, as he works on the service reception it means he is the first person to meet and greet and customers. His duties include booking customers in for a service, passing jobs onto the technicians, invoicing, dealing with warranty claims and any queries the customers may have.

Dan has always had an interest in cars and did at one point consider becoming a mechanic, but due to his good people skills he decided that a career in customer service would be ideal for him. He thinks that to do his job well you should be patient, as can be dealing with challenging customers, friendly at all times, have a good sense of humour, be able to work on your own initiative and have great organisational skills.

Dan hopes to progress into a supervisory role after completing his Advanced Level Apprenticeship.

Vehicle Fitting

Tom Sherwin

"I really enjoy my work, its definitely what I have always wanted to do and would rather be more hands on doing an apprenticeship than go to college learning a lot of theory, I feel I learn much better this way. I think to be a good Vehicle Fitter you need to have a lot of patience yet be able to work at a pretty fast pace and you need to be polite and friendly as you may be dealing with a lot of customers."

Tom Sherwin came into Martec Training 6 months before he left school in 2009, keen to find out more about getting a career in the Motor Trade due to his passion for cars. He loved his Motor Cross and was always interested in trying to rebuild them when they broke down.

Tom commenced on our e2e VRQ Level 1 in Motor Mechanics course when he left school in the summer, and soon found work experience at a local Fast Fit centre. After several months due to Tom showing a keen, enthusiastic attitude he was set on as a Vehicle Fitting Apprentice and is now currently employed and working towards his Intermediate Level Apprenticeship at North Staffs Tyre & Battery.

His tasks are varied and involve tyre fitting, puncture repairs, fitting brake pads and shock absorbers, servicing, re racking stock, signing for deliveries, greeting customers and much more besides.

Tom has really progressed in his role and feels that the good training and support from both Martec Training and North Staffs Tyre & Battery is really setting him in stead for a successful career in the motor trade.

Vehicle Parts Operations

Phil Dorricott

"I really enjoy my work and my Apprenticeship means I can earn money whilst achieving a qualification at the same time which is great! I'm also gaining valuable experience which hopefully will help me to work my way up to management level one day in the future!"

Phil Dorricott is employed as a Parts Advisor at Robert Eardley & Son in Crewe. The company is a family run Skoda Dealership and repair centre. Phil found the position himself by applying direct to many local businesses in the months before he left school in 2009. He started off working Saturdays and after making a good impression Robert Eardley contacted Martec training to start him off on his Vehicle Parts Operations Intermediate Level Apprenticeship.

On a day to day basis Phil maintains the stock and database, receives and orders goods, books parts out to mechanics and the general public and is now solely responsible for the parts counter.

Phil has always had an interest in cars and how they work since doing a motor vehicle course through school, so this comes in useful when identifying parts and has helped him to develop a good product knowledge. He feels that being polite and patient are good qualities to have for this kind of job as it involves dealing with people over the telephone or face to face.

Phil has recently completed his qualification with Martec and is now being put through a specialist Skoda training programme.

Paul Griffiths, After Sales Manager:

"Robert Eardley & Son have around 5 apprentices currently working in various aspects of the business over both the Crewe and Stoke sites. However personally I had never set an Apprentice on in the parts department, it's always tended to be full time experienced staff in the past, so to take Phil on seemed a bit of a gamble at first. That gamble however, has more than paid off! Phil showed willing from day one and took to it like a duck to water, he has developed rapidly and is now proving to be very independent, confident and capable. He is an asset to Robert Eardley & Sons."

Vehicle Paint Technician

Daniel Atkinson

"I am so glad I found out about the Apprenticeship scheme, I love cars so its great to be able to work with them every day. I get a real sense of satisfaction from my job and enjoy learning all the different techniques in Body Refinishing."

Daniel Atkinson is currently employed as a Paint Technician at M&M Vehicle Repairs, one of the largest accident repair centres in Staffordshire. He is just about to complete his Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Body Refinishing.

Dan has always had an interest in cars and loved to read magazines on body work from a young age. So when Martec training came into his school to do some mock interviews he was really pleased to hear about the Paint Apprenticeship available to him.

His main duties in the paint shop are to assess what repairs need doing, to assure all parts have been stripped from the vehicle, prepare panels for paint by sanding down, masking out and priming relevant areas along with helping to keep the work shop clean and tidy and valeting the cars before they go back out to the customer.

When Dan moves onto his Advanced Level Apprenticeship he will be more involved with selecting, matching and mixing colour as well as spray painting the vehicles themselves in the specialist booths.



"Throughout my Apprenticeship I have built up a variety of skills. I feel that gaining a recognised work based qualification will put me in a good position for the future, as I will have the experience needed for the retail industry and it will help me to move up the career ladder."

Jenny works as a Sales Assistant in a local Garden Centre which produces plants and flowers for sale to the public along with related products such as tools and garden furniture.

Jenny started off helping out on a Saturday when she left school and really enjoyed it as she as always had an interest in plants and their care and also loved to meet new people, this soon turned into a full time role and she is now and is part way through her Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Retail.

On a day to day basis Jenny’s duties involve plant care such as watering, feeding and spraying, picking, sorting and packaging produce, arranging displays of plants and products, retail sales on the checkout and advising customers on their choices.

Jenny feels that through her Retail Operations Intermediate Level Apprenticeship she has learned how to be helpful, pleasant and tactful with customers, be able to handle money and work out costs, to have a good product knowledge to advise customers with their choices and to be prepared to work under pressure especially at times such as Christmas.

She hopes to move onto do her Advanced Level Apprenticeship at a later date if she moves up the career ladder to a supervisory or more senior role.

Warehousing & Storage


"I think this was the best thing I could have done on leaving school. I have always been more of a ‘hands on’ person so it was good to just to get out there, get practical experience and get working. I feel like I have learned a lot in such a short space of time."

Carl works as an Warehouse Operative in a local Staffordshire Logisitics company. He is due to complete his Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Warehousing and Storage early next year.

He first heard about Martec Training’s Apprenticeship schemes at a careers event at his school and decided that this was a good route for him as he could earn a wage as he gained a recognised qualification.

Carl works in dispatch which means on a daily basis he deals with packing, order picking and the shipping of orders. The job can involve some lifting so its important to be physically fit and to learn how to lift things properly.

He has gained many new skills during his Apprenticeship including how to be well organised and take responsibility and that good teamwork is very important, especially when you’re working to a tight schedule, such as loading or unloading a lorry that can only wait for a little while before it needs to go on to the next job.

Motorcycle Technician


"I enjoy being in a real work environment 4 days a week as I love working in a ‘hands on’ way. But at the same time the technical classes on day release give me the knowledge I need to go alongside. To top it off I’m earning a wage doing something I’m passionate about, so it’s great!."

Chris is employed as an Apprentice at Norman & Birch, a busy bike shop and repair centre in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

Chris grew up with bikes and cars from a young age as his dad used to own an MOT centre where he would spend many a day observing him and helping him out. Chris had his own bike from aged 16 and was a regular customer at Norman & Birch, due to his evident passion for motorbikes the manager Harry suggested it may be worth him looking into Apprenticeships and he would consider offering him a job.

His local Connexions centre pointed him in the direction of Martec training and he commenced his Intermediate Level Apprenticeship shortly afterwards.

On a day to day basis he carries out repairs and services on bikes, helps to keep the workshop safe and tidy, due to his great product knowledge he also now advises customers on parts and with sales of bikes in the showroom and he helps to deliver and collect the motorcycles to customers.

Chris started his Intermediate Level Apprenticeship 2 years ago and has since become a very valuable member of the Norman & Birch team. He is just about to move onto his Advanced Level Apprenticeship which will involve more intricate diagnostic work and enable him to progress up the career ladder in the future.

Body Repair


"The Apprenticeship route is perfect for me! If I had gone to college I would have to find a job when I left, but with an Apprenticeship it means I have secured one already and am able to work towards my qualifications whilst getting trained in a real working environment."

Ben had always wanted to get into a career which was very 'hands on', having watched and helped his step dad fix cars from a young age he soon developed a keen interest in the motor trade.

When Ben heard about some open days at a local body shop and Martec training during National Apprenticeship Week earlier this year, he jumped at the chance to come along to find out more. Before he had completed his GCSES Ben had secured a trial at Brocksford Motors in Fenton. He has recently been employed there as a Body Repair Apprentice.

Under supervision and guidance his tasks include sanding down panels, removing and replacing damaged panels and components, helping to put the car on the JIG to ensure the chassis is straight. He also assists other staff members and helps to keep the work place clean, tidy and safe.

Ben says he enjoys the satisfaction of seeing the finished job after spending so much time on it and taking great pride in it. He thinks to be a good Body Repair Apprentice you should have a lot of patience, be very precise and have a positive attitude.