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Hospitality and Catering

Do you want to work in Hospitality but don't know which job you're after?

What is it all about?

The Hospitality and Catering industry employs huge numbers of people. Oppourtunities are wide raging. Employees can choose from a variety of programmes in all aspects of hospitality including: housekeeping, food & drink service, front office, professional cookery, multi-skilled hospitality services, food processing & cooking, hospitality supervision.

What does the training involve?

This Apprenticeship in Hospitality & Catering gives learners the skills and knowledge to work efficiently and safely in one of the largest industries in the coutnry. The best foundation for a career in this industry is through an Apprenticeship. You will learn and earn at the same time with much of your practical experience coming from supervised work. The qualification is very flexible in its structure, enabling the organization and yourself to chooose optional units which best suit your job role and work situation. Like all vocational courses, this qualification is competence based, this means that it is linked to your ability to perform a range of tasks connected with your work. You will plan a programme of development and assessment with an assessor and compile a portfolio of ecidence to prove your competence and knowledge.

What will I achieve?

A City & Guilds Apprenticeship or Advanced Apprenticeship in Hospitality & Catering, consisting in Vocational Qualification, Technical Certificate and Fuctional Skills.

What's next?

To start your career in the Hospitality & Catering industry contact Martec Training. We will help you identify job oppourtunities and start you on YOUR path to a successful career!